Skully Wags Limited Edition Black

Skully Wags Limited Edition Black

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Meet the newest member of the Cotton Tails Crew Skully Wag! a dog toy we've built from the ground up. Skully is made from recycled denim off cuts and filled with recycled t-shirts which otherwise would have ended up in land fill! . He's been screen printed with eco-friendly ink and features an industrial squeaker. If all of that good stuff wasn't enough, we're also donating 10% of every purchase to an animal charity. To start off with our chosen charity is Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ! check them out

Each Skully Wag is completely unique. The denim off cuts we source can be dark blue, light blue or black as well as everything in between so it'll be a bit of a surprise as to which one you'll get!

Approx. dimensions 27 x 24 cm

We put a lot of love and energy into each product to ensure your furry friend is getting the best quality so we hope you love them just as much!

If you've got an questions or you'd like to nominate a charity for these donations to go towards. Please email us at cottontails


Second Love - This product was lovingly handcrafted out of recycled materials 

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